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#Connecting Oregon Kids


In addition to hunger, transportation and access to adult role models, one of the primary barriers to learning is reliable Internet access.


On the radar since our beginning back in 2016, the Internet accessibility issue reached a higher level of urgency and importance given the learning environment challenges brought about by the pandemic. 

That is why FOSD launched the #ConnectingOregonKids initiative to provide Internet service/access for families so students could connect with their teachers and complete schoolwork online like their peers.

How You Helped!

With your help and that of One Community Bank (who became our lead donor with a $5,000 match), we surpassed our initial goal and our community raised $25,000 in donations in one month's time.

The money raised went to support those families who are in an ISP service area but cannot afford Internet service, or provided a household with a MiFi because they are not in an ISP service area yet have good cellular coverage. FOSD launched this initiative in conjunction with the Oregon School District and CESA 2 who have negotiated discounted rates with providers.


Thank You to our Donors!

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