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19% of OSD students qualify for free or reduced lunch. Ten years ago, that figure was 5%.




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Basic Need Barriers to Learning at OSD
  • Hunger

  • Transportation

  • Technology

  • Adult Role Models/Mentors

Our Model

In order to truly make an impact on the basic need barriers facing our students, Friends of Oregon School District will focus on one barrier category at a time.  We feel that our "one initiative" model will best allow us to make both a short term impact as well as sustainable long term changes. 

In using this model, we will:

  1. Listen

  2. Research current practices

  3. Determine deficiences and areas of opportunity (i.e. systems, practices, financial, people resources)

  4. Develop viable solutions with objectives, timelines, plan for sustainability and evaluative measures

  5. Do the work. Enlist resources within the community and our schools to accomplish objectives.

Our Goal

The goal of Friends of Oregon School District is to provide resources, build bridges within our community and serve as a connector so all of our students are better able to engage in learning.

2018-2019 Programs:

  1. Promote an "Adopt-A-Kid's Lunch Balance" program whereby families can donate money through their child's OSD Campus Portal payment system to a food fund that helps cover negative balances of students.

  2. Supply food backpacks to students in need for each extended school break.

  3. Provide healthy snacks at school to students who are hungry.

  4. Through the Champions Fund, give all kids opportunities to experience, grow and learn. The Fund will cover experiential-types of events/items for kids who may not have these opportunities available to them otherwise. Please click HERE for the Champions Fund Application Form.